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Root Canal Therapy helps get rid of pain and infection while saving the natural teeth

Root canal treatment eliminates dangerous bacteria and protects a tooth from reinfection. By clearing the infection, this procedure enables patients to save their existing teeth naturally and maintain oral health for years to come. After carefully removing any inflamed or infected pulp, specialists cleanse and disinfect the interior of each tooth before filling it with sealant – restoring vigor while avoiding further harm down the line!

When do u need a root canal?

When a tooth is damaged or infected, the soft interior pulp needs extra attention. A root canal procedure can help save the affected area and prevent further issues.

Steps involved :

1. Anesthetic - The dentist will apply a numbing medication on your gums near the infected area. After that, local anesthesia will be injected.

2. Removing the pulp -After the tooth has been anesthetized, your general dentist will delicately make an incision at the top of your tooth to access infected and/or damaged pulp. Meticulous care is taken with specialized instruments known as files in order to remove any traces of harmful material from every crevice inside your tooth.

3. Antibiotics -After the source of infection has been removed, your dentist will apply an antibiotic cream to stop it from spreading and reinfecting. Next, they'll fill up and seal off any cavity with a protective paste-like substance before prescribing you oral antibiotics for further protection against germs.

4. Filling - After carefully ensuring the tooth is properly protected, your dentist will finish their work by sealing it with a soft temporary material designed to preserve its inner canals from any harm caused by saliva.

During the post-dental procedure, you may experience some discomfort and swelling. Should the pain become severe or persist for a few days, be sure to contact your dentist immediately. Allow yourself adequate time to recover before resuming regular activities - including holding off on chewing with the affected tooth until it's been permanently filled/crowned.

Root Canal

The pulp is a chamber in the center of your tooth that contains nerve tissues, blood vessels, and more. If the pulp of your tooth becomes infected, Dr.Hussain can restore it with a root canal. The procedure involves removing the infected tissues, cleaning the inside of your tooth, and sealing it.

Root canals eliminate harmful bacteria and save your natural tooth from having to be removed. They also protect your tooth from future infections. Utilizing custom techniques, Dr.Hussain will ensure that your procedure is comfortable, efficient, and effective.

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We also offer same day Root Canal Therapy on an Urgent Care basis

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